The design files and source code for the Game-o-Tron 3000 can be downloaded here:

Game-o-Tron 3000 archive download

Game-o-Tron 3000 Copyright 2014, 2015 David Boucher

This archive contains the following:

  • bmpconv - Source code for a program to convert bitmap images to C source code declarations.
  • graphics - Graphics for the games
  • scad - OpenSCAD files for the 3D printed parts
  • schematics - Electronic schematics
  • src - Source code
  • base - Files from the Teensyduino distribution (not mine, see below)

They are licenced as follows:

All source code is licenced under GPL 3.0, see LICENCE-GPL. There are two exceptions to this:

1. The lcd.c and lcd.h files. These are based on the Adafruit ( source code for their TFT screen, which is MIT licenced, these files can be licenced under either GPL 3.0 or MIT licences, at your option.

2. The files in the base subdirectory. These are copyright 2013 PJRC.COM, LLC. The licence for these files is in the header of each one. See

All other, non-sourcecode files are licenced under CC BY-SA 4.0. See LICENCE-CC.

A note about compiler versions: I have noticed that compiling with different versions of gcc can have a noticeable effect on speed. For best results (read: fastest) I recommend using the version of ARM gcc included with Teensyduino. You can change TOOLSPATH in the Makefile to point to the right version.

Alternatively, you can create a directory called "tools" under the main got3000_release directory and copy the compiler and tools there from the teensyduino release. It's the hardware/tools directory that you need.

I have also included a compiled hex file (main.hex) that you can install with the teensy-post-compile and teensy-reboot tools.

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